A Warm Welcome from Me to You...

A Warm Welcome from Me to You...

Well, I live in Arizona so it’s more than a warm welcome...more like a scorching hot welcome but, what can I say? It’s amazingly gorgeous here. 

I wanted to take the time to tell you a little about me and thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Right now, I don’t have as much available as I had dreamed up (because life) but I am proud to be sharing with you all!

The original purpose of this website was to allow me to explore and diary my art journey to share with the world. Now I want to be able for you to have a little of piece of it actually in your life. 

But don’t worry, for those who missed some of my prior projects such as these:

pink polka dot drinking glasscornstarch cutout mandala heart shadowboxhandmade button necklace

I will be revisiting a lot of them with some updates and new content.


I have been crafty since the beginning of time (better known as Fall 1987). I love sooooo many kinds of art and creative expression. So much so, I lose focus because my brain just #canteven. I hope to be able to consistently (read: semi-consistently) create new content for you weekly despite my constantly running brain. So many ideas, not enough hours of the day.


  • Lots of color!

  • Puns.

  • Patterns. All the patterns.

  • Handlettering galore (I really love my handwriting and I’m hoping you will to) .

  • Profanity allowed, strongly encouraged and expected.  


  • Commissions. I, unfortunately don’t always have the time or inspiration to create and I would hate for you to suffer from it. At least for the time being.  

  • Work in poor taste. I am not here to create any thought provoking work or stir attention by being tongue in cheek or controversial.  

My full bio can be found here >> Hi!

I have all the social media’s for you to follow me on (lucky you)!

Thank you again for taking the time to visit my little website. I hope that you find at least one thing that you like here. If you don’t I am always open to ideas and suggestions and who knows…you may get something cool in return!

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